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Welcome to Winter Magic Holiday of Lapland in Posio!

magic_holiday_winter.pngYou can choose your Magic Holiday of Lapland for the period of 2, 3, 5 or 7 days in winter or summer time. Holiday package includes accommodation of your choice together with two hour summer joint activity for all holidaymakers and a gift voucher (40€) which can be used in Posion Koru & Kuva -jewelery shopPentik factory outlet or Ceramics Studio of MK.Kim.

You will also be given a Posio Flatbread Coupon whereby you can get one free flatbread for example for a snack among trekking.

Explore choices and book your own
Magic Holiday of Lapland!


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You can also book Magic Holiday of Lapland for Summer 2016!


Posio -  Lapland's Land of Magic - is the secret entrance to tales and adventures of Lapland. Are all tales true or is there some "cooking up" among? 

Come and visit Land of Magic and you will learn how pike was caught only by a knife and how lynx is related to Korouoma Canyon.
From the Tales of Wonder -website you can choose and book your Magic Holiday of Lapland for yourself, your friend or your family. On this website you can also make reservations just for accommodationor activities, what suits you the best!