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Spend a snowy holiday in Posio!

The magical winter of Posio starts when the first snow falls, usually in November or December. Posio is a highland area, which means we enjoy snow for up to 200 days per year!

Snowshoe walking is an excellent way to discover the different locations in Posio. Especially the marked day trails in Riisitunturi National Park and the Koro’s Ice Trail in Korouoma canyon are ideal places to try this truly fun way to experience deep snow! Head for Riisitunturi in the evening, and you may even get to experience the bright Northern Lights - if you are lucky. With altogether 70 kilometers of skiing tracks, Posio offers amazing opportunities for cross-country skiing. You can also enjoy the thrill of speed in the ski slopes or on a snowmobile. If you prefer a more relaxing ride, take a husky or reindeer safari. For adrenaline junkies, we recommend ice climbing in the spectacular icefalls of Korouoma!

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